Ash Blonde on Brown Skin Girls


 During March, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create an Ash Blonde unit to break the typical stereotype that "black girls should not wear blonde hair". I've been wanting to do this hair color for some time but I don't think I was prepared for the negative feedback I felt I would receive. 
 Now before me doing this hairstyle, my face broke out a bit, so before executing this style I wanted to focus on my skin. I wanted my face to clear up before implementing this style because I did not want to feel like I had to have makeup on to feel okay with my blonde hair. 
 Now I recorded the process of me doing this style because my end goal was not only to break that typical stereotype but to give darker complexion women the confidence to feel comfortable in wearing any hair colors they'd want without feeling judged or receiving negative feedback.
 After Dying and styling my blonde unit I was still a bit scared. It did not feel real at all but the day after completing and styling the unit, some friends and I were communicating about meeting up and going out. I thought to myself this would be the perfect opportunity because I would be around people who would not only support me but be honest with me. now before leaving my house my mother saw me and said "I love this" seeing that reaction felt great because my mother does not hold her tongue so I know she was being 100% honest. Then meeting up with my friends the reaction that I received was priceless and gave me a bit more confidence to be open about this temporary change.
Now having the people I love supporting me in this decision I made was great. It gave me that extra boost of confidence that was essential in not only helping me but pushing me to encourage brown skin girls to step outside there comfort zone. When I posted my first picture of becoming a blonde on Instagram, I could not believe how much love, support and positive feedback that I received. People contacted me weekly, letting me know how much I inspired them to do different colors this year. Feeling that because they saw me achieve that style, it pushed them to try different colors this year. 
Needless I am proud to say that the goal was accomplished. 
Below is the link to the video of the process & the results.

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