My First Photoshoot as a Hairstylist


This experience was truly extraordinary and challenged me to push myself and showcase skills and styles I didn't realize I was able to achieve!
Initially, I was so excited but, as the days got closer, I began to get cold feet. To the point, I was considering not participating.
I decided for once not to allow my fears to overtake an opportunity for growth. Need I say I couldn't be happier with that decision.
During the shoot, it felt amazing to be around other creatives who have similar passions. It was even more beautiful to see young black people collaborating and creating magic.
Some of these styles and techniques I completed for this shoot are ones I've never done before. It was heartwarming to see the hairstyles that I did to help enhance the vision for the shoot.

*Big shoutouts to my friend Kasi for connecting me to this experience*

I know my generation has a short attention span, which is why the video I created vlogging this experience isn't too long. 😭
Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy & as always...
Peace, Love & Blessing🌻
-xoxo Mona

Hairstylist: Me Instagram: Mona Styles & Monaa.Styles
Photographer: Z.E.N Instagram: Z.E.N
Stylist: Brittni Instagram: _Brittnimorrison
Makeup: Virginia Instagram: Artistrybyvirginia
Models: Zharia, Deja, & Rianna Instagrams: zhariaa_ Dejaperez_ Simplymerianna

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